1996NLA launches to support UK journalism

The Newspaper Licensing Agency was founded in 1996 by a consortium of national newspaper publishers. Our mission was to provide a single source for the licensing of newspaper content from all major news publications. In our first year we generated nearly £1 million in royalties for publishers.

2016Celebrating 20 years of supporting journalism

Today NLA represents the intellectual property rights of prominent UK & international publishing brands in the media monitoring market & operates a database of content providing services to media monitoring agencies & publishers. Through licensing & the provision of database services, NLA enables businesses to access published content in an effective and copyright compliant way. NLA plays its part in ensuring publishers are rewarded for their investment in journalism. In 2015, NLA generated £33,791,000 in royalties.

2036Supporting the future of journalism

Over the next 20 years, we expect to see incredible innovation in technology which will continue to revolutionise the publishing industry and provide more ways than ever to read and share content. At NLA media access our ambition is to keep pace with change, by continually improving our services to make licensed access to information easy and continuing to support the creation of high quality journalism.